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Hunting for Quality Dog Breeders

Dog breeding is a delicate process of mating two specimens from a similar breed to be able to develop offspring of the same, distinct and consistent qualities, which often include behavior and general characteristics. Dog breeding is said to be a combination of art and science. A quality dog breeder must have knowledge both on the genetics of the specimens he breeds and the over-all health of his dogs.

At any rate, he must have an in-depth knowledge of the breeding standards, which agree with the conditions for which each type of dog must be bred. However, not all breeders conform to the set standards. Usually, they are those who are after the profit alone, with little concern on the over-all welfare of the dogs. These type of breeders are classified into two: Backyard breeders- small scale breeders, which conduct ignorant breeding practices. Puppy farms or puppy mills- are the big businesses, which operate in the same manner.

But size and motive alone are not really the substantial basis for quality breeding programs for there are those excellent dog breeders who run their own businesses at their barns, homes and backyards. And there are large businesses that have knowledgeable and efficient staffs of dog breeders with expertise on veterinary care. According to some resources, one may identify a quality dog breeder through his program of breeding and his attitude towards breeding dogs. The following is complied to provide the standards of a quality dog breeder: An efficient dog breeder must sell directly to the pet owner or the buyer and not through pet shops and the likes.

He must be able to show you the mother of the litter. A quality dog breeder breeds only from the best dogs, meaning the dogs have the exemplary characteristics both in performance and temperance. A dog breeder must be able to provide you with the certifications of the dog and x-ray, clearing the dog from dysplasia or hip crippling. If in case he was not able to provide you with these documents, then he must be able to tell you the reasons behind. A reputable dog breeder must at all times sell pet puppies under the contact of prohibiting the use of puppies for further breeding. A responsible dog breeder must be able to provide you with written materials concerning the developments and the essential needs of the puppy.

A good dog breeder must be a member of a registered club or and he must observe obedience to the code of ethics of the institution. He must exercise responsibility over the well being of the dog he breeds. The future of dog breeding Cloning is now being exercised in dog breeding. Actually, the first cloned dog is named Snuppy. This aims to reproduce a genetic twin of a dog, having the same characteristics and properties.

However, this practice is still expensive but research points out that it is achievable in the future. This eliminates the waiting period for buyers and may even customize the ability and performance of the dog breed. Meaning, they can replicate a dog champion and produce a new one on demand, which carries all the characteristics of the said dog.

Popular dog breeds According to the American Kennel Club, the following are 2004's most popular dog breeds listed from first to last: Labrador Retriever Breed Golden Retriever Breed German Shepherd Breed Beagle Breed Yorkshire Terrier Breed Dachshund Breed Boxer Breed Poodle Breed Shih Tzu Breed Chihuahua Breed 4. Dog Training: The Process of Making Your Dog Civilized Dog training is correlative with educating dogs. This is done to adopt them with the social demands expected from them. Like for instance, they are expected to behave in the manner that man thinks is proper. However, some of which may be against their nature of behavior. In effect, dog training was created because man acknowledged that certain dog behaviors may only manifest on specific conditions.

An example of which is the dog behavior wherein they will only repeat the action if an affirmative reaction was attained on the trainer's part. Conversely, if they were punished for such behavior, chances are that they will not repeat the same conduct. This principle is then combined with proper training methods to encourage the repetition of the desirable behavior. Interestingly, dog training is at its prime if the dog is still aged six to eight weeks old. This stage is said to be the most ideal juncture for dog training.

The theory in here is that puppies are not yet accustomed to reacting to its environment, this way you may still control the over-all behavior of your dog. Yet, this does not negate the fact that more matured dogs are non-trainable. In actuality, they are but as with many other animal species, it is more difficult to train them at this period. Undergoing your pet to a regimen of dog training will recondition his system for eliminating misconduct and repeating desirable behaviors. In addition, this may also become a preparation to diminishing the future dog behavior problems.

House breaking is often an issue. This typically concerns dog bhavior problems on elimination of waste like defecating and urinating. Also, there are natural behaviors which may become a problem if the dog is not properly trained, examples of which are scenting of territories and ground digging.

Dog training is easiest when you successfully structured a specific environment wherein your dog will react in well-defined, affirmative ways. It is important that this environment is consistent to further guide the puppy into following specific orders. Also, this will prevent the confusion, thus quicker and more productive dog training. For example, if you are consistent in rewarding your dog every time he achieves a desirable reaction to a specific command, then he will be able to identify his affirmative response with a treat. But if in case you missed for several times in giving him his reward, chances are he would hesitate following the orders.

In the whole process of dog training with your puppies, it is essential that you recognize the limitations of your pets. He does not have the endurance that most adult dogs posses. Allow him to rest at intervals to rejuvenate his used up energy, then proceed with the training. Also, it is possible that if the puppy gets tired with training, he may altogether lose interest in the routines.

In addition to this, it is recommended that only mild methods must be employed for harsh training may distract the puppy's learning and may destroy his confidence level. There are certain institutions offering dog training, these are often termed as dog schools or dog academies. They train your dog for proper behaviors and they train you to train your dog. They may hone your dog's skills using different training methods developed specifically for dog training while developing in you the fundamentals and techniques to serve as good foundation for you do it yourself dog training.

S. Stammberger is the owner of Dog Plaza. Her website offers a vast selection of dog resource. Including dog information, dog training ideas, and dog care.


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