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Apistogramma Dwarf Cichlids
by Auke Veenstra

Abstract: The real apistogramma's come from southern America, they all have the same characteristics, like a complex breeding behavior, as their large relatives, only their size is different. Besides the apistogramma group there are also some relatively popular dwarf cichlids from Africa, like the Pelvicachromis group. From this group the most widespread cichlid is the Pelvicachromis pulcher, also known as the Kribensis or Purple cichlid.

Feeding Your Pet Stingray - The Essentials of Maintaining a Varied Diet
by Brendon Turner

Abstract: Stingrays will eat a wide variety of foods. Maintaining a varied diet is extremely important in captive animals, as monocultural diets incur a risk of nutritional deficiencies. Stingrays are very active, and should be fed at least once a day, preferably twice or even three times daily. The daily diet can be varied in order to create some environmental enrichment as well as balanced nutrition for the rays.

Neon Tetras
by Linda Paquette

Abstract: Neon tetras are one of the most popular community fish and an excellent choice for those new to fish keeping. Their purchase size is often under ¾ of an inch and at full size, they reach a big 2 inches in length. If you like color in your aquarium fish, the Neon tetra will add real sparkle and flash to your aquarium. A silver fish that darkens to iridescent blue along its backbone, the neon tetra also sports a bright red tail. In addition, these active little fish like to school in groups of 6 or more, so a tank of neon tetras continually flashes with red, silver-white, and blue!