Having a home aquarium can be an enjoyable life long past time, learn the basics, and advanced points to maintaining the best possible aquarium at your home!

Caring for your aquarium and tropical fishes

Tropical Fish
Whether you have a big sized aquarium with lots of tropical fish or just a glass bowl on your table with a couple of Gold fishes, they give you great pleasure and tranquility to see them. Fishes are most soothing pets, but they can be real delicate too. However you can take a good care for your fishes by remembering some small tips. Whether you are out for a couple of days, your fishes will be there waiting for you when you come back. Here are some tips to keep your fishes healthy.

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Breeding Piranhas


Piranhas are a unique creature that has won its so popularity, not only because of its appearance, but also due to the many myths they are told in. Unfortunately only a few species having been breed, some of the species that have commonly bred include Serrasalmus nattereri...

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Saltwater Coral Reef Aquariums

Saltwater Coral Reef Aquariums

Do you dream of watching the natural beauty of the undersea reef life while sitting in your living room? Whether your goal is a nano reef tank or a 150 gallon aquarium with an ecosystem of coral and saltwater fish, the following five steps will lead you on your way to success...

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